Martin Martinsson

I was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden in 1977. I am currently living in Munich, working as an architect. I grew in a surrounding where art, film and photography was in important part of everyday life and everysince I was given an old film camera from a relative of mine, I have been into photography. Apart from documenting my everyday life I use the camera as a way of expressing myself creatively and to get a somewhat different view on problems, challenges and interests associated with my profession. Therefore I have a special interest in subjects like urbanism, infrastructure, architecture and social changes within our build environment. Bored with the perfectionism of digital photography, and to get a chance, for once, to work creatively without the use of a computer, I have recently drifted more and more into analogue photography. Instead of being in more or less total control of the visual expression I simply let go and let the medium decide for me.